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Outdoor SiliconeTable Cloth Waterproof Round

Matte Frosted Tablecloth M005,2.0mm thickness 38-60inch Round ,The clear PVC table protector & plastic tablecloth cover,good for antique wooden,glass,granite,marble tables & office computer work desk,dining room table,living room TV cabinet, makeup dresser tabletop,kitchen countertop or cooktop, bistro bar or pub dinner or coffee table cloths ,high office chair floor mat cover,under grill mat for oil resistance and hear resistant, hardwood or tile floor protector ,accent or sofa or bed side table,garage floor , to protect your expensive wood furniture.


1. Product Attribute

Product   name :Matte Frosted Tablecloth M005

Material :Soft PVC

Usage :Table covering / Desk Covering / Marble Desk Mat / Furniture cover

Color : Transparency / Blue / MOQ

Thickness :0.5--2.5mm MOQ

Hot Size :Round 36inch Diameter、Round 38inch、Round 40inch、Round 42inch、Round 48inch,Round 54inch、Round 58inch、Round 60inch

Maximum size: up to 68.5 inches wide and 155.0 inches long

Delivery mode: International express, International logistics, Amazon

2.Factoay and Equipment



If our product does not have the standard size that fits your desk, please contact us and we can advise you, or you can reserve larger for your table.

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