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Waterproof Wipeable Vinyl Tablecloth

Normal Clear Tablecloth N003,60×60inch,60×90inch,60×108inch,60×120inch,The table in the home will be decorated tablecloth, so not only can look beautiful, improve the style of the dining room, but also can play the function of oil and pollution prevention, so that will not lead to every meal, the table will be dirty.But now a lot of people are using PVC tablecloth, PVC tablecloth has a sense of glass, but not as hard as glass, feel very smooth texture, so loved by the public.


1.Product Feature

Product   name :Normal Clear Tablecloth N003

Material :Soft  Polyvinyl  Chloride

Usage :dining table cover/clear desk protector/clear plastic/clear table cover

Color :   MOQBlue /Transparency

Thickness :0.5--2.5mm MOQ

Hot Size :30*60inch,40*50inch,40*60inch,60*60inch,60*90inch,60*108inch,60*120inch

Maximum size: up to 68.5 inches wide and 155.0 inches long

Delivery mode: International express, International logistics, Amazon

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