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Plastic Mat Plexiglass Table Cloth Clear Desk Pad

Super Clear Tablecloth S002,36×36inch ,36×60inch,42×42inch ,42×60inch ,42×80inch ,48×48inch ,48×70inch ,48×90inch ,48×108inch,54×54inch,54×70inch,54×90inch,54×120inch ,real 2.0 mm thicken table protector,to better protect your vanity wooden ,glass ,granite ,marble ,teak wood coffee table,bedside or tea table,banquet buffet or bistro table runner or cloths,, dresser makeup ,conference meeting table , night stand or bar,TV cabinet or entryway table,craft writing desk topper,bar countertop ,dinner pub,kitchen countertop or cooktop,or use as office chair mat hardwood or tile floor protector mat, rug carpet cover pad, laptop or computer desktop clear cover mats, under grill mat,pet dog or cat food bowl mat or pet seating cover mat, water proof garage floor mat, etc,. from high temperature damaging,scratch,hot dish heating burns. Wipeable and easy to clean.Protect them and show its original beauty!Put pictures and notes under the clear dining room tabletop protector,enjoy work & life!


1. Product Attribute

Product   name :Super Clear Tablecloth S002

Material :Soft PVC

Usage :table cloths square 54 x 54/concrete table/manteles de plastico para fiesta/plastic covers

Color : Transparency / Blue / MOQ

Thickness :0.5--2.5mm MOQ

Hot Size :36×36inch ,36×60inch,42×42inch ,42×60inch ,42×80inch ,48×48inch ,48×70inch ,48×90inch ,48×108inch,54×54inch,54×70inch,54×90inch,54×120inch 

Maximum size: up to 68.5 inches wide and 155.0 inches long

Delivery mode: International express, International logistics, Amazon





The quality standard should be excellent clearness, less air spots, less hydrological vein, no shortage, no sticky, stable thickness, flat and no folder. good extensibility, non harmful smell, right transparency, surface luminance is brightly. thickness and thinness are homogeneous, weight is accurate. uniform color, Smooth surface, long using life, high wear resistance, unfading, etc.

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