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Protector Facial Plastico Vinyl TableCloth

Super Clear Tablecloth S008,2.0mmthickness 38-60inch Round,This PVC Vinyl cover is often used to enhance the appearance of a dining room and dampen the sounds of clinking flatware and scraping dinnerware. It is also a popular choice for catered events, banquets, and outdoor dining areas. The most important point is that it is very durable.


1. Product Attribute

Product   name :Super Clear Tablecloth S008

Material :Soft PVC

Usage :vinyl tablecloth 60 x 84/elastic tablecloth rectangle/clear plastic table cover/clear table cloth

Color : Transparency / Blue / MOQ

Thickness :0.5--2.5mm MOQ

Hot Size :30×48inch,30×108inch,48×108inch,54×54inch,60×84inch,54×90inch,54×120inch 

Maximum size: up to 68.5 inches wide and 155.0 inches long

Delivery mode: International express, International logistics, Amazon

2.Product Description






If the pad is not lay flat completely when unroll, please place heavy items on top to make it flat or try to warm it to get flat.

A. Lay it out on the table, use a hair dryer to warm it up and then place heavy things like books over it to flatten out wrinkles.

B. Lay it out on a flat surface so the sun shown on it for a day with the curl of the plastic down.

C. Lay it with the edges curled under then lay heavy items all over on top to make it flat.

D. Soak it in hot water for a few minutes and then smooth it out, or use the steam setting on your iron.


  • Custom Shape: Rectangle, Oblong, Square, Round, Oval.

  • Custom Thickness and Edge: 1.5mm, 2.0mm Thick, Rectangular or Rounded Corners.

  • Please write us with the information above, we will reply how to order.

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