Types Of PVC Wallpapers

- Feb 19, 2019-

The surface of PVC wallpaper is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride resin. There are three main kinds of PVC wallpaper.

A. Ordinary type - --- 80 g/m2 paper as paper base, surface coated with 100g/m2 PVC resin. Its surface decoration methods are usually printing, embossing or combination of printing and embossing.

B. Foaming type - - - using 100g/m2 paper as paper base, the surface is coated with 300-400g/m2 PVC resin. According to the size of foaming ratio, there are low foaming and high foaming respectively. Among them, the surface of high foaming wallpaper is full of elastic concave-convex pattern, which has a certain sound absorption effect.

C. Functional type - among them, water-resistant wallpaper is made of fiberglass cloth, which can be used to decorate the walls of bathrooms and bathrooms; fire-resistant wallpaper is made of asbestos paper of 100-200 g/m2, and flame retardant is added into PVC surface.