Waterproof Of PVC Wallpaper

- Feb 19, 2019-

PVC wallpaper has certain waterproof property and is convenient for construction. After surface contamination, clean sponge or towel can be used to wipe.

(1) PVC coated wallpaper (based on pure paper, non-woven or spun fabrics)

With pure paper, non-woven fabrics, spinning fabrics, etc. as the base material, the surface of the base material is sprayed with PVC paste resin, and then processed by printing, embossing and other processes.

(2) PVC adhesive wallpaper (based on pure paper or fabric)

This kind of wallpaper is made by covering a layer of PVC film on the bottom layer of pure paper (or non-woven, textile) through the processes of compounding, embossing and printing.