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Transparent Cold Laminating Pvc Film

Transparent Cold Laminating Pvc Film

Transparent Cold Laminating Pvc Film.GL001.
The Transparent Cold Laminating Pvc Film industry is developing rapidly in the world and has broad prospects. Anti-static cold laminating is one of the most popular and widely used synthetic materials in the world today.It is the second most used synthetic material in the world.All countries are optimistic about the potential of Glossy cold laminating film for photo and its benefits to the ecological environment. Matte cold laminating film for painting has proved its role and status to the world with its superior and unique performance, which cannot be replaced by any other products. Development needs it, environmental protection needs it, and it is an inevitable trend of the progress of our human society.


1.Product description:


Matt Embossing film/Super clear film/Nomal clear film/Opaque film/Mattress PVC film.GL001.


0.025-0.1mm can be customized


the shortest 0.4M, the widest 2M,can be customized,


The spot is generally 22PHR-60PHR (the higher the number, the softer), which can be used as a blowing material.


can be customized(can be added fluorescence)

Product packaging:

inner layer of pearl cotton + outer PVC film



5. Product features:

transparency,less crystallization point,less water ripples,uniform thickness,flatness,and can be spread smooth powder or anti-viscosity in accordance with customer requirements,between the membrane is dry and non-stick.

standard:up to (EN71,EN112,ROHS,ASTM-F963,Low Phahalates(phosphorous acid)and other standards.Cold,flame retardant,mildew,UV protection,anti-static and other special requirements according to customer needs.

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