Factory Pvc Film Clear

Factory Pvc Film Clear.GL004.
We specialize in offering high quality transparent PVC film and opaque PVC film to any specifications that our customers require, set to professional industry standards. East Plastic has beening manufacturing PVC film for a variety of applications.


1,Product description:


Matt Embossing film/Super clear film/Nomal clear film/Opaque film/Mattress PVC film.GL004.


0.025-0.1mm can be customized


the shortest 0.4M, the widest 2M,can be customized,


The spot is generally 22PHR-60PHR (the higher the number, the softer), which can be used as a blowing material.


can be customized(can be added fluorescence)

Product packaging:

inner layer of pearl cotton + outer PVC film


1. For packaging bag,such as textile bag,cosmetic bag ,shopping bags,plastic bag and so on.

2. For raincoat material

3. For stationery,agricultural cover,

4. For shower curtain,strip/door curtain

5. For hand bag lining,outside tube of air conditioner,electric tape,

6. For business card








5.High transparence

5,Why choose Rayboard Technology & Development Co.,Ltd?

*Quality:We have strict quality control system,all the order from Guangzhou Plastic has been inspected by Rayboard-tech Plastic team.

*After-service:We supply the after-sevice team,all the problems and questions will be solved by our Rayboard-tech after-service team.

*MOQ:We accept samll order and mixed order.As our customer requirement,as a dynamic team,we would like to group up with all of our customer.

*Experience:As a dynamic team,we just have 8 years experience in this market.So we study hard,learn more from our customer,we hope we can become one of the largest and professional supplier in China in this market.

*Sample:Sample is avilable as customers requirement

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