Clear Chemical-resistant Polyvinyl Chloride Film

Clear Chemical-resistant Polyvinyl Chloride Film.GL002.
The quality of Clear Chemical-resistant Polyvinyl Chloride Film is not inferior to other alternatives, and it is cheaper than these materials in terms of cost. Experts have found through research that in many industries, the abandonment of Glossy cold laminating film will incur considerable additional costs.


The specific data shows that abandoning the use of PVC will increase the extra cost of several billion marks. For a specific consumer, this would mean a huge extra expense. For example, in the case of windows with PVC as the surface material, if these windows do not use PVC, but use ordinary wood as the surface layer, then only cleaning and repairing will increase the cost.

1.Product description:


Matt Embossing film/Super clear film/Nomal clear film/Opaque film/Mattress PVC film.GL002.


0.025-0.1mm can be customized


the shortest 0.4M, the widest 2M,can be customized,


The spot is generally 22PHR-60PHR (the higher the number, the softer), which can be used as a blowing material.


can be customized(can be added fluorescence)

Product packaging:

inner layer of pearl cotton + outer PVC film

2.Packaging Details

PE Foam or Kraft Paper with Clear Film or Color Film; Pallet; Carton Box
Sample: A4 size Super Clear PVC Flexible Film in envelope
LCL packing:Paper Core+EPE Sponge+Black Film+Pallet

3.Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

PE foam+waterrpoof brown paper+air bubble film


Guangzhou port

Lead Time :

4 days after payment

4.Order process:

*Before the order

We should be very clear of what exact of our client's need, and wholeheartedly respect what of their request.

*Before producing

We should select the material carefully and inspect it in advance, make sure the material is superior.

*During the producing

Strictly control the quality, such as inner quality, color, hardness, width, thickness, surface, transparency, weight, length, etc. Inspect the products before and after finishing the products on the machine at regular interval.

*After producing

We should make sure the products to be cooled down enough and inspect again before packing and delivery

We should take our responsibility without hesitation as a qualified supplier, and wholeheartedly perform YOUR requests.

5. About us:


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