Transparent Pvc Folie Tischdecke

●Super Transparent Pvc film.
●Pvc vinyl clear film is a thin continuous polymeric material. Thicker plastic material is often called a “sheet”. These Transparent Pvc Folie Tischdecke membranes are used to separate areas or volumes, to hold items, to act as barriers, or as printable surfaces.
●In our life, we can see Anti-static Super clear film,flexibility Super clear film and good-quality Super clear film.
●Some artisans also use them to make flexibility Super clear film for bag , Moisture-proof Super clear film for Packing and soft Super clear film for raincoat.


1. Product Attribute





Moisture Film


Packaging and Printing


Moisture   Proof


Super  Transparent

Processing   Type

Multiple   Extrusion

Brand   Name


Place   of Origin




Product   name

Anti-static Super clear film.SC001.


0.4m -   2.2m


0.08mm   - 0.50mm


22 ~ 60




Rolls with kraft paper,pearl,and cotton



2.Product feature and application of the soft transparent pvc film

Our s soft transparent pvc film has high transparency, bright surface luminance, and meet the standard of EN-71, REACH, ROSH.


1. PVC Film for Stationery

book covers, business card holder, sports card holders (baseball card holders, trading card holders), laminating films

book cover.jpg

book covers

car holder.jpg

card holder

2. Packaging bags

blanket bags, bed sheet bags, comforter bags, shopping bags, clear vinyl bags, transparent bags, clear cosmetic bags / pouches, travel toiletry bags, clear vinyl purse organizers, clear backpacks / handbags

clear vinyl bag

clear vinyl bag

PVC bag.png

travel toiletry bags

3. Advertising & Graphics

(1) promotional window graphics, window advertising, window clings, static clings

(2) self-adhesive trademark stickers, logo decals


self-adhesive trademark stickers.jpg

self-adhesive trademark stickers

promotional window graphics.jpg

promotional window graphics

4. Canvas & Awnings

(1) substitutes for window glass

vinyl camper windows, windows of yacht, windows of jeep, tent windows

(2) clear vinyl outdoor shades / clear vinyl window cover

patio enclosure, porch curtain, clear vinyl patio cover

vinyl camper windows

5.Auto packing

Auto packing, paint protection film

paint protection film

4. Packaging Details:

General use kraft paper + pearl cotton + transparent film, both sides with cardboard, in flexibility Super clear film and Anti-static Super clear film.


Q1. Why you need to choose us?

A: Over 50000 square meters factory with over 300 workers.

Q2: Can you accept OEM?

A:Yes, we can produce and pack the goods according to customer's requirements. The packing materials can be marked with customer's logo.

Q3. Can you produce according to the samples?

A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.

Q4. What's the payment terms?

T/T: 50% deposit by T/T in advance, the balance by T/T before shipment. More information about payment, you can talk with our international sales

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